Thank you to all our dedicated volunteers, Surfrider Humboldt Chapter and the community support for a successful Day Without a Bag.  

We gathered over 400 signatures supporting a county-wide ban on single-use plastic bags and made TONS of bags!  

If you missed us on Thursday, bring your t-shirt to Ocean Night on January 5th at the Arcata Theater Lounge at 6:30 p.m. and we can make you your very own "Ban the Bag Humboldt" t-shirt or bag.

A Fall 2010 research project showed that Arcatans use between 3 and 5 million single use plastic bags per year.

According to the study, conducted in partnership between HSU's Technology and the Environment students (Engr308) and the City of Arcata, the impacts of Arcata's single use plastic bag yearly habit include:

  • Total Gallons Diesel: 380 gal
  • Total Energy: 2,209,326 MJ
  • Total Emissions
    • CO2: 1,174,423 lb
    • CO: 399 lb
    • SOx: 6,888 lb
    • NOx: 3,224 lb
    • Particulate: 7,536 lb
  • Water Usage: 185,955 gal


For more info, click HERE.


The California Supreme Court upheld the right of cities to ban plastic bags, ruling Thursday that a full-scale environmental review may not always be needed to prohibit stores from giving bags to their customers.

Environmentalists lauded the unanimous decision, calling it a victory for environmental protection. But a lawyer for plastic bag makers said the manufacturers would continue to sue municipalities that impose bans without environmental impact reports.

The ruling overturned two lower court decisions and upheld a 2008 plastic bag ban by Manhattan Beach. Since that ban, nearly a dozen other local governments, including Los Angeles County, have voted to prohibit plastic bags, and other cities are considering such prohibitions.