In wake of recent fatality, safety upgrades urged on Eureka’s Broadway corridorIn wake of recent fatality, safety upgrades urged on Eureka’s Broadway corridor.

After two nonmotorists were recently struck by vehicles on Broadway in Eureka on the same night, a local advocacy organization continues to call for safety improvements along this highly used thoroughfare.

Colin Fiske of the Coalition for Responsible Transportation Priorities told the Times-Standard the two cases make the group’s calls for Broadway corridor safety improvements for nonmotorists feel more urgent than ever.

“It’s so sad, it’s frustrating. It’s infuriating, really. We’ve been saying for the last several years we need to make these (nonmotorist safety) improvements now so people don’t keep being killed. It hasn’t happened yet and people keep being killed,” he said.The coalition has previously spoken in favor of safety improvements along the Broadway/U. S. Highway 101 corridor and began to circulate a petition Aug. 27 calling for several key safety improvements.

More specifically, the petition calls for various safety improvements to be made in the nearterm including building additional safe pedestrian crossings, improving safety of signal intersections with new infrastructure and reprogrammed signals, building protected bike lanes, supporting the city’s efforts to provide pedestrian- scale lighting and providing landscaping and raised medians on Broadway.

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