On January 21, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. squared off with the CEO of Massey Energy, 4th largest coal company in the U.S., in a debate over mountaintop removal.   Watch the Debate


Kennedy: “Don says we have to choose between environmental protection on the one hand and economic prosperity on the other. 
I say that’s a false choice, and 100% of the times, good environmental policy is identical good economic policy.”
Blankenship:"You talk about it being a sin to do surface mining, the real sin is that the enviros want to focus us on1 part per million of iron or talk about windmills when tens of millions of people are starving to death.”

California uses plenty of coal-produced electricity, mostly from power plants in the Four Corners region. For info on the environmental impacts of coal mining and coal-fired power plants, visit the Waterkeeper Alliance's Clean Energy campaign and the Sierra Club's Coal Free California.