The Coastal Commis­sion’s Sept. 12 deci­sion to give the go ahead for Caltrans’ 101 Safe­ty Corridor Project requires removal of all billboards along the bay shore between Eureka and Arcata. Shortly after, CBS Outdoor — the company that owns these billboards — had its attor­neys threaten legal action if billboard removal doesn’t come with a big payoff. Now Caltrans is trying to claim it will be too costly to remove the billboards (“Sticker shock,” Times-Standard, Nov. 23, Page A1). There’s more to the story than what Caltrans tells us.


Looks like the company that owns all those billboards between Arcata and Eureka just recently found out that the Coastal Commission wants them all torn down. It's response? "You can't make us!"

That's a rough translation of the comically wordy lawyer-speak contained in a letter from attorney Anthony M. Leones of Miller Starr Regalia on behalf of CBS Outdoor Inc., owners of the billboards. What Leones actually wrote was, "The illegalities that inhere to these proposed actions are of a constitutional size." (Jeepers!)


The Board of Supervisors voted to continue a public hearing on appeals to the Halvorsen Quarry Reclama­tion Plan until Dec. 10.

At Tuesday’s afternoon session, county counsel and planning commission staff told the board that at least two weeks would be needed to review recently submit­ted information from the North Coast Regional Water Control Board.

Coastal Commission still awaiting project info



Nearly three years ago, Eureka voters took to the polls to over­whelmingly approve a zoning change for a huge mixed-use waterfront development after a campaign that touted the ballot measure with the slogan: “Marina Center now.” Years later, little progress is appar­ent, and it appears the project remains entrenched in a stalemate between the project developers and the California Coastal Commission.

In fact, things appear to be moving at such a snail’s pace that Humboldt Baykeeper recently dismissed its law­suit against CUE VI, the developer and the city of Eureka. The suit challenged the city’s environmental impact report for the proposed devel­opment on the Balloon Track proper­ty, the sprawling site of a former rail yard that sits at the foot of the city’s downtown commercial district off Waterfront Drive.


On behalf of the Northcoast Environmental Center and Humboldt Baykeeper, we are writing to reflect upon the Coastal Commission’s Sept. 12 decision to conditionally approve Caltrans’ 101 corridor project. First we would like to thank the many people whose efforts led to what we feel is a reasonably balanced outcome: the many transportation and trail advocates, the various municipalities and county representatives, business owners, outspoken members of the public, and those who took a principled stance in the face of opposition.