Advertisers protest impact on local businesses


The Arcata City Council has now joined the ongoing battle of the bayside billboards along the Highway 101 Safety Corridor by approving a letter calling for the removal of five signs that stand within the city limits and sphere of influence.



The U.S. Highway 101 Safety Corridor between Arcata and Eureka is now three billboards short due to what has been a long contested and debated issue of land ownership and permission from landowners.

While three billboards were hacked down on the corridor last year overnight, the three signs that were removed earlier this week were taken down by their owners after it was determined after that the signs stood on property that was a North Coast Railroad Authority, or NCRA, land easement.


Chalk up three points for team billboard removal.


Three billboards along the Hwy. 101 corridor between Arcata and Eureka have been cut down — not by vandals this time but by the signs’ owners — a development sure to delight local activists fighting for removal of all billboards along that stretch around Humboldt Bay.


The signs were located on the north (bay) side of 101 between Airport Blvd. and the bridge over Eureka slough.


Local activist Dave Meserve’s online petition “Humboldt Billboard Bye Bye,” reached the 1,000 signature mark on Saturday.


According to the former Arcata City Councilmember, signatures from the petition will be presented at local city council and Humboldt County Board of Supervisors meetings in March.



While Arcata resident Dave Meserve admits that putting up signs to challenge the existence of bayside billboards along Highway 101 to be a bit ironic, he said his signs are no different than the billboards he claims are currently standing unpermitted or without landowner permission.

“I have as much a right to put up my signs out there as they do to have their illegal signs down there,” he said.