At 11:30 am on Wed. Dec. 14, Humboldt Baykeeper and Sea Level Rise Planner Aldaron Laird will host a tour during the highest tide of 2016-17. The tide is predicted to reach 8.6' at noon, although it could be up to a foot higher in stormy conditions.


We'll meet at the Arcata Wastewater Treatment Facility on South G Street. From there, we'll walk to the King Tides Observation Bench, which was donated to the City by Aldaron & Christy Laird in January.


King Tides are extreme high tides that occur when the gravitational pull of the moon and sun are aligned.

King Tides are an opportunity to envision what average tides will look like in the near future as sea level rises, which is happening here twice as fast as the state average due to sinking of the ground beneath Humboldt Bay due to tectonic forces.