We live in a beautiful place and we are reminded of this every time we bike, walk, or drive around Humboldt Bay. Unfortunately, for many years these scenic coastal views have been marred by the presence of unsightly billboards jutting up along the Highway 101 Safety Corridor between Arcata and Eureka. 

Humboldt Baykeeper has been working for years to have these billboards removed - legally and permanently. There have been many unsuccessful attempts in the past to remove these billboards, but in Sept. 2013, the California Coastal Commission responded to our calls to address this blight. Since then, Caltrans has finally revoked permits for most of the billboards along the bay. Since 2012, 16 fewer billboards obstruct our beautiful bay views between Arcata and Eureka, and today only 3 remain. We will continue our efforts until they are all gone for good.

Member take straw vote on when permits needed


The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors straw voted during its Monday review of the draft General Plan Update’s Scenic Resources section to allow billboard owners to repair or reconstruct their signs — whether it be from vandalism or not — without having to obtain a conditional use permit beforehand.


Billboards around Humboldt Bay are dropping like flies. Two more have now been felled — the ones you saw on your way into Arcata from Manila on State Route 255/Samoa Blvd. They disappeared sometime in the last few days with no notice or public explanation. But unlike the first, second and third ones chopped down, these demolitions were not the work of vandals.

Hundreds of local volunteers scour county to remove debris


Hundreds of volunteers took to HumboldtCounty coasts and rivers to remove trash and marine debris on Saturday as part of the county's 35th annual Coastal Cleanup Day, with one group snagging a large catch on Humboldt Bay — two downed billboards.



The image of the vandal responsible for the third billboard toppling this month was captured earlier this week on a camera installed by a now thrice-bitten local sign management company.