In October, the State of California issued an official fish advisory for Humboldt Bay using data from Humboldt Baykeeper's recent study of mercury in fish and shellfish. The advisory addresses eight species of fish, some of which are safe to eat up to seven times a week.

Only leopard shark is listed as unsafe to consume in any amount. 

Lingcod is considered safe for children and women of childbearing age to eat one serving a week. An adult serving is eight ounces uncooked (four ounces cooked), while a child's serving is half that size.


The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) also used studies of PCBs, DDT, and other contaminants in Humboldt Bay fish dating from 1990 to 2016 to develop the guidelines.  

For coastal areas without site-specific guidance, OEHHA issued a guide to eating fish from the California coast in 2016.

Baykeeper sampled California halibut, clams, oysters, and other species that are not included in OEHHA's advisory. Click HERE to download Baykeeper's recommendations for eating fish and shellfish from Humboldt Bay. Below are links to the guidelines in Spanish and Hmong:

Comiendo Pescado Con Seguridad Pautas para Humboldt Bay

Yuav Ua Li Cas Noj Ntses Yam Xyuam XimYuav Ua Li Cas Noj Ntses Yam Xyuam XimCov Txhooj Cai Rau Humboldt Bay